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Art Society of Inverness

The Drawing Room (2023)

This gallery page illustrates some of ASI members' recent drawing activities, many of which take place within the Facebook Group guided by Jonathan Shearer. Some were drawn in preparation for making a painting while others are finished works. Starting in January 2023 a new collection has been built up to encourage and motivate members to maintain their drawing skills. 

"I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing." - Vincent van Gogh

"Drawing is one of the best ways to meditate, while staying connected to the world around us." - Elisha Leventis

(Members - please see information for sending in works at foot of page.)

Note for members:  As from 1st January 2023 members are invited to send (up to) another 4 images of their works for dispay, if they wish to.

Paid ASI members only please,  e-mail your (up to) 4 images as .jpg files to:  (Preferably of size around 2000 pixels wide but we can resize them. There is now no need to make them much smaller for e-mail and display). Please remember to add title and medium.


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