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Art Society of Inverness


Many of our members keep sketchbooks which show how their work evolves and progresses. Here we show some examples from these to encourage members to display some of their work, even if not completed or perfected. We hope these will also be an inspiration to others to try out new approaches and techniques...


Here are just three sketches from the sketchbooks of Sherrill Ponton who gave a wonderful talk to the society at WASPS creative academy in May; they are "Alone in Scottish Highlands", "Rainbow Rooster" and "Stone Doodles":



New member Sheree Young has been trying to loosen up after not painting for a long time. What better way to start than with this watercolour sketch of Snowdrops ? And Kathleen Quinn has been working at Merkinch from a real specimen to produce this thistle:


Sheree has also been playing with colour and patterns. Saying "What do you see ? Everyone sees something different. Its not the outcome that matters, its the journey in getting there. Throwing colour onto a page, leaving whites and then working around the shapes can result in amazing, unconventional ideas you never dreamt of if you started with a fixed destination in mind. . This playtime was FUN!"


Some more results from the Life Drawing exercise in the evening classes at WASPS under the tuition of Jonathan Shearer:




Peter Moore has been sketching Slioch and also drawing a torso...


Ros Crawford has been working on these depictions of funghi (too good to be called sketches ?); Charcoal Burner, Stinking Parasol and Magic Mushrooms.


Clive Williams prepared this preliminary sketch for a watercolour  titled " The last Waltz on Nairn beach", a super sketch of a Fisherman, and "Paul Klee visits the Singing Butler" or "The Chaos of Clouds"





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