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Art Society of Inverness

Talks & Demonstrations

Saturday Afternoon Meetings 

NB. As from February 2023 these meeting are being held at the WASPS Creative Academy, Midmills Building Stephen's Street, Inverness, IV2 3JP.

All members are welcome and you just need to turn up and friends are also welcome to join. Meetings are free, and please bring along friends at no charge. The ASI library will also be available for consultation and to borrow a wide range of informative books.

The program of meetings is still in planning, and will be posted here, but the first two of the new series are:


Saturday 25th March talk at WASPS starting at 14:30

This is our first Saturday meeting being held at WASPS, Midmills Building, Stephen's Street, Inverness, IV2 3JP.

The illustrated talk will be by Jonathan Shearer and is about extreme painting (painting plein air).  This is free and also open and free to non members of the society.


Saturday 27th May talk at WASPS starting at 14:30

This is our second Saturday meeting of the year and will feature a talk/demonstration by Sherrill Ponton.

Sherrill says:


" I'm very excited to share my Artlife with local Artists. I am Sherrill from Shezart.

I love happy, busy, colourful, quirky, multimedia Art.

I love to share my passion and techniques with all level Artists.

My intentions are...guiding, sharing and inspiring...helping beginners or artists in a rut, to get their art mojo .

My Art teaching is always fun as well as therapeutic.

 My workshops include...

Loose watercolour with doodles in ink, pens and collage incorporating florals, landscapes and quirky animal art.

Also I have created My 3 Process..loose acrylic,  collage and other mediums.

I look forward to meeting more local artists and sharing the wonderful world of Art."


This is free and also open and free to non members of the society.


Saturday 7 October at WASPS starting at 2:30 

This will be a presentation by Fenella Ross-Elmer about print making. 

Fenella runs Blackwater Print Studios and here is a link to her website:

Fenella says: 

"I have a Printmaking studio in my home In Garve, having returned home nearly two years ago following a 30 year teaching career.  I am creating new series of work ongoing, exploring various processes, developing combination prints, exploring outcomes from inspirational sources, primarily from the Highlands, my love of land & sea enables this exploration. I create what can be described as stories in my work with emphasis on texture, colour and mood, with a passion for aged, derelict buildings, boats and machinery and where it finds its rest in the land or sea.

At the Saturday demonstration I will be discussing and showing examples of work related to exploration, experimenting with combination printmaking, covering in basic terms what relief and intaglio consist of, the use of presses or not, inking and using various processes to best effect, essentially creating an outcome best suited to my vision, exploring the world around me, inspired by the landscape and coast, and with a love of decaying , rotting and rusted objects, those attached to human life and the past, telling stories, albeit in print and visual."

Here are some examples of Fenella's work:






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