On this page we are displaying some of the results from our group work (including on-line groups), painting days, and evening classes.

(many works may be unfinished)

See also Paintings'23 for recently completed paintings,

and Sketchbooks for some recent sketches.





Another crashing wave in acrylics by Alex Henderson, and a Misty Mountain by Kenneth Waine, also both working in the Merkinch group:


Marion Timperly has had a cheeky visitor and painted this "Still Life with Cappucino and Sparrow", and Johanna Wallace has been working on"Rosemarkie Beach" (oil on canvas): 


 Meanwhile Liz Joss has been working on "Rose" and "Beach Still Life":




Morven Boardman was inspired by the melting snow to produce "Its Melting", and Alex Henderson has been working at Merkinch on a dramatic crashing wave:



Susanna McLean has been doing both experimental and digital landscapes. The experimental one involved laying the paper in snow at -7 degC as well as spraying with water and flicking with watercolour and ink, before drying and adding pastel ! It is called "In the Wild".The digital painting is called "Last Light".



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