Ongoing Classes and Groups

(Please note that these classes are for MEMBERS ONLY and must be booked in advance using the form you will find in a relevant edition of ARTYFACTS, or in the case of on-line painting days via the approriate Facebook page or e-mail.)


LIVE Painting Days at Cromarty and Rosemarkie

Real, live,  painting days have been held at  The Stables, Cromarty Arts Trust, Cromarty, under the direction of Jonthan Shearer on the first wednesday of June and July. Check here, and look out for the bulk e-mail, for the next opportunities.These last from 10:00 until 16:00.  The cost per day is £30 and you can pay on the day. You will need your own equipment and subject matter (and refreshments and lunch!). Places are limited so if interested please contact Dodie Leonard as soon as possible after the announcement, by email at:  dodieleonard@icloud.com

A  plein air painting day was held at Rosemarkie on Wednesday 4th August.  This was led by Jonathan Shearer and started at 10:00.  The group met by the beach cafe where useful public facilities were near to hand.  Cost for the day was £20. 

Following the success of the last one, another outdoor painting day was held at Rosemarkie, on Wednesday 8th September, and it turned out to be wonderful sunny day with little wind. Some photos of artists at work can be seen here. 



Evening classes have been re-established at Inverness Creative Academy, WASPS Artists Studios, Midmills,  from 6.45 pm to 9.00 pm on Wednesday evenings (and Thursday evenings if there is enought interest). Jonathan gives advice and encouragement for any medium and the classes are very popular. Costs are £54 per six week session.

The next blocks of evening classes will start on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th September.  If interested please contact Irene Straiton  irenestraiton.art@gmail.com, or Jonathan.



These are now restarting with Jonathan,  and are to be held back at Killearnan.

The dates for the next sessions are 6th October, 3rd November and 1st December (all Wednesdays).

Unfortunately, as the prices for hiring the hall have risen, these will be £30 per session. If you are interested in attending as places are limited, then please email Dodie (dodieleonard@icloud.com).



The group meets on a Monday and Wednesday morning at the Merkinch Community Centre.  Good fun, good company and lots of encouragement and helpful advice. One or two mornings a week. 10 am - 12 pm. This group has now restarted with good attendance on Monday 16th August. 

This an untutored group, so everybody can do their own work. Great company with advice and tips from fellow members. You can come either day, or both. The fees have been adjusted to encourage those who wish to attend two days per week. So the fee for one day per week will now be £5 per day, or £50 for the block of 10 weeks, but just £3.50 for the second day making it £85 for a block of 10 weeks at 2 days per week. 

There's good parking at the Centre. Masks have to be worn in the complex until you reach your table, then they can be removed. There is a vending machine available for drinks, or you can take your own.   New members most welcome.

Contact Sandra Dingwall, details on Page 2 of Artyfacts.




From June 2020 onwards those members participating in the Facebook Group organised by Jonathan Shearer - "ASI Jonathan Shearer's Classes and Workshops" - were kindly requested to pay £15 per month to contribute towards Jonathan's tuition fees. This covered regular challenges, online tuition and critique on their work, and video demonstrations from Jonathan. In 2021 this activity has been available free of charge to members who subscribe to the group.

Members of the same Facebook Group also participated in the optional, but very stimulating, ON-LINE PAINTING DAYS. These were organised approximately once a month within that group.  A theme for the day was announced the evening before and participants submitted their work on Facebook as it progressesd throughout the day with continuous feedback from Jonathan and the other participants. Some of the excellent results achieved can be viewed below.




On the first wednesday of June 2020 the painting day that would have taken place at Killearnan was held on-line instead. The theme for the day, which was announced the evening before, was "Warm and Cool Colour Compositions". Participants presented their first sketches early in the day and then proceeded to work on them with feedback from Jonathan and comments from each other. Some of the results are shown below, in order of - first sketch, intermediate phase, and "end of the day". Most participants expressed doubts and reservations about their efforts in the itermediate phases, but some superb results were achieved by the end of the day, and all participants found it a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Work of Liz Danby:

Work of Margaret McKay:

Work of Margaret Macdonald:



February 2021


Another fine example by Liz Danby, and very topical, this is "Lockdown Breakfast '21" ! :



March 2021

On the first wednesday and thursday of March 2021 another couple of on-line painting days were held. Two days were required to cater for the growing popularity of this activity, with over 40 subscribers. This time the theme was "Escapism and Freedom", with the aim to counter the effects of prolonged lockdowns, and numerous inspiring examples were provided by tutor Jonathan, many of them taken from the work of lesser known Scottish artists.

Here we show just a few examples of the days results, with initial sketch / intermediate phase (about lunchtime) / and final (or near final) versions.


Work of Chris Clouston:


Work of Irene Straiton:








Work of Morag Burton:



Work of Margrit Perrin:








And some colourful works by Marjory Drummond, Kathleen Anderson and Liz Hoey:


April 2021

Another two stimulating on-line painting days were held on the first Wednesday and Thursday of April, with the theme of COMPOSITION. A selection of the results can be seen here.


If you would like to become involved with the ON-LINE PAINTING DAYS the first step is to join the Facebook Group "ASI Jonathan Shearer's Classes and Workshops".






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