🥂 Festive 🥂

🎄  Christmas '21 🎄

On the 8th December an On-Line Painting Day was held with the "Festive" theme.

Here we show the results from the artists who participated and enjoyed the challenge, with motivation and encouragement from Jonathan Shearer... Some other results from recent painting days and classes, where we have been encouraged to try glazing, are also shown.

Many thanks to those who have displayed their works, and especially to Jonathan for his inspiration and guidance.


Festive treats from:  Audrey Hudson,  Amelia Macdonald and Liz Danby...


Work by: Marion Timperley (nearly finished),  Margaret Cowie and Lesley Fraser...


Work by: Julia Brook, Judith Livingston and Dorothy Bain


Festive fun from Kevin O'Niell: "Robin on Top of The Tree" and "Don't Drink and Type" !


Three more super examples from Liz Danby, illustrating progress from greys to colours, and adding a shine:


Another two examples, showing what can be achieved by glazing, by Liz Hoey:


Two wintery scenes from Switzerland, by R. Peckham:

Another festive robin from Meg Lor and a cool cat by Marion Timperley:

A striking festive scene from Morven Boardman, and a "cheers!" from Kathleen Anderson:



And the most eyecatching, festive tree from Jonathan Shearer:




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