Who's Who

The Inverness Art Society voluntary COMMITTEE:

Below are the names of the members who are running the Art Society in 2015. Full contact details for them all are published in Artyfacts for members' use.  Non-members please see the Contact Us page

LINDA CLARK   President

MARGARET GILLIE    Vice-President, Workshops

CATHY CHRISTIE     Secretary

GAY MCKEOWN   Treasurer

RITA FABLING     Saturday Meetings

JONATHAN SHEARER   Artyfacts & Marketing

JULIA BROOK      Library, Facebook

MORVEN BOARDMAN      Saturday Teas, Library, Evening Classes

MEG MILNE       Painting Days, Charity Sales

HELEN SPROSTON      Evening Classes, Outing

LIZ HOEY     Exhibition

Non Committee Posts:

BOB PECKHAM     Screens

SANDRA DINGWALL    Merkinch Morning Art Group